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"You ain't seen nothing yet!"

says astrophysicist

Biggest blizzard in decades for Northeast USA 25-31 Dec

Much more severe than standard meteorology will predict



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23 Dec 10 -Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn issued this warning 10 days ago.

"The midwest has already had tremendous snow deluges around 10-12 December, said Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction long range weather & climate forecaster.

"But you ain't seen nothing yet compared with what is going to hit NE USA including New York State in the period 25-31st December."

"Very Major snow and blizzard events will strike NE & E USA in a double hit centered around 25-27th & 29-30th Dec.

"This is likely to be one of the most significant snowfall/blizzard periods in NE & East USA for decades". (See

WeatherAction forecasted weeks ahead that there will be many dangerous weather events around the world in the period 25-31 Dec and specified a triple whammy of extreme events for Britain/Northwestern Europe, Northeastern /Eastern USA and South/East Queensland Australia.  

"There will be many dangerous weather events around the world in this period", said Piers. "Snow/blizzards/rain (where appropriate) and winds will be much more severe than standard meteorology will predict from 2 days ahead in these periods".

"For Britain/Europe, NE/East USA & East Queensland Australia we have specific long range extreme weather event warnings which we first issued end Nov / early December. The extremes to come are a consequence of Jet stream blockings and changes in both hemispheres caused by predictable solar-lunar effects".

For Britain and Europe we stated in forecast words & maps:

Two waves of blizzards and drifting snow especially 25th-27th & 29/30th largely for East/South Britain and for a large part of NorthWest Europe (along with thundersnow) around South Scandinavia, Benelux, N Germany, North Poland and perhaps parts of the Baltic States. And  thundersnow is likley in (North) Italy in this period also.



As Britain+Europe are deluged in 100 years record snow, Piers says "WE TOLD YOU SO!" See front page of his Dec forecast

"This winter is like the battle of Stalingrad in the 'Climate war'," says Piers. "It will be long and hard and the public will suffer until the failed pseudo-science of man-made climate change - which become like a religion - is defeated; and instead available proven solar-based advances in forecasting science are applied to reduce misery and save lives". 

Thanks to Piers Corbyn for his unswerving devotion to the truth.
* * *

Shall we wait and see what this upcoming week will bring?
I wager that Mr. Corbyn is going to be 0 for 3 on his triple whammy.

My forecast:  

There will be little to no snow in populated areas in the US North East.
There will be little snow in West and Central Europe.
There will be little unusual weather in Queensland.

 If he scores more than 1 of 3, I’ll send him a voucher for a beer.

Merry Christmas,  
Meir Zohar

* * *

24 Dec 10 - Now, New England looks to be still under the gun for a major snowstorm....  Just have to see what the new data shows later this weekend.

Sincerely, Ken

* * *

23 Dec 10

Hi Robert; 

This one confuses me a little.   

 I've been looking at some expert meteorological data about this upcoming winter storm for the mid Atlantic region on Sunday/Monday time frame.  At first there was model data predicting this low to intensify rapidly and stall off the coast of VA, leading to record snowfall of up to 2 feet in eastern VA.   Then just recently he came out this morning and explained that this Euro model no longer supports this system stalling out, which would indicate less snowfall accumulation, however,   Then I checked with AccuWx to see what their take was on it and they also mentioned that major snow on the I-95 corridor was becoming less likely as the storm track is now expected to move further east than expected earlier.   

Well...let see of Corbyn is right this time !!   It will be interesting.  We have a chance of snow showers in the forecast here in Chas, SC Sat night/Sunday.  No watches or warnings yet issued by the NWS for the Eastern states.   I wonder when that will come ?    Lets see !!

this was his explanation: 

Sincerely, Ken

* * *
23 Dec 10 - The models just 6 hours ago were advertising a giant snow storm up and down the coast. Then 6 hours later - poof - no storm. The Models are having difficulties, Robert, in this pattern.

Keith Connelly




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