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Worst natural disaster of Brazil´s HISTORY!

520 dead - Thousands trapped

Mudslides 16 feet deep



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14 Jan 11- Email from reader in Brazil

Hi Robert!

7 cities destroyed: no phone lines, no water, no electricity, no basic services, more than 5000 homeless, thousands disappeared, people are without food and drink water. Cities isolated.

Worst Rainstorm destroyed these cities. Mudslides 4, 5 meters high (16 feet)! Buildings and people vanished many places!

Many cities like Teresopolis, Petropolis, Nova Friburgo in state of Rio de Janeiro are DESTROYED. Atibaia in state of São Paulo are 1 week under water.

Teresopolis and region are touristic city, were vanished in many and many places with 4 meters of monster mudslides.

Sorry my english.

I´m very scared. Nobody explains here in Brasil... But I know that this is related with the climate change due to the incoming ice age!

Here are links.

Dimitri Ramos Silva

 Thank you Dimitri. Good luck!

Here are some of the articles that Dimitri sent:

Brazil floods: More than 500 dead Thousands trapped
14 Jan 11 - More than 500 people have died in floods in south-eastern Brazil after heavy rain led to massive mudslides that hit several towns.

The death toll, which is expected to rise, has now surpassed the devastating 1967 mudslides in Caraguatatuba, Sao Paulo state, in which up to 430 people perished.

In the Campo Grande area of Teresopolis, rescuers found people pulling bodies from the mud.

In the neighbouring town of Petropolis, some areas were "completely devastated," said a local resident, who added that "thousands" of people remained trapped in their homes.

The number of injured was threatening to overwhelm medical services.

Jorge Mario, mayor of Teresopolis, said: "There are three or four neighbourhoods that were totally destroyed in rural areas. There are hardly any houses standing there and all the roads and bridges are destroyed."

See entire article and video of amazing rescue:

Incredible photos:

These two websites (in Spanish) says the confirmed death toll has now risen to 520.


These links are from yesterday:





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