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Woke up in December instead of June

Email from reader in Maine

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8 Jun 10


The other day Drudge had a headline that Idahoans were wondering where summer was.  We here in the northeast are wondering the same thing.  The weather has been fairly dry, but unseasonably cold.  It feels like we are in the grip of mid-spring much more than on the eve of summer.

A frost warning has been issued for tonight, and yesterday afternoon snowfall was recorded on the top of Mount Washington, NH.

Below is a link to the weather forecast for western Maine and northern New Hampshire as well as a link to the observer's comments from the Mount Washington Observatory.

I keep waiting to see signs of summer but it seems just out of reach. 

Thank you again for the great work you do.

Mike in Maine


From Weather observer:

8 Jun 10 - This morning was like a flash back to winter. Just before seven I crawled out the tower door into sub-freezing temperatures to remove ice from the tower. It was quite a shock seeing thick freezing fog swirling around and glaze ice forming on everything it touched. The wind was blowing out of the northwest at 50 mph and the wind chill was down to 10 degrees - I was wondering if I had somehow slept for six months and woken up in December instead of June. Just to cap things off we have since had hail and snow showers - I wonder what is next?




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