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10 Jan 07


Winter to come "with a vengeance"

8 Jan 07 - The unseasonably warm winter experienced by much of the country is likely to "turn on a dime," says Chief Long-Range Forecaster Joe Bastardi.

"Those who think that winter 2006-2007 is going to remain mild are in for a shock," said Bastardi. "Winter is likely to come with a vengeance. Whether we end up with seasonably cold weather, or something far worse, remains to be seen. There are indications that this winter could parallel severe winters of the past."

The first signs of change will be noticed this week, when Arctic air from western Canada pours southward into the Pacific Northwest. The coldest air will be centered in the Rockies and northern Plains by the latter part of the week, bringing another round of snow for Denver later this week.

"The cold air will slowly push southward and eastward from this weekend into early next week and will likely arrive in the eastern part of the country by the middle of next week. If the weather pattern reaches its full potential, Bastardi believes the dramatic change from warmth to cold could result in "one of the top-five coldest 30-day stretches in the past half century."

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