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Wild Winter Ahead

Why can't they just call it "Global Cooling"?


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25 Oct 10 - "Another winter of wild weather extremes appears to be in store for the USA," says this article on USA Today.

"The Pacific Northwest should see a wetter, colder winter than average while most of the Sun Belt stays mild and dry."

"The dominant climate factor expected to affect the USA this winter is La Niņa, a periodic cooling of tropical Pacific Ocean water that affects weather patterns across the USA and around the world."

I'm getting so sick of all of the dishonest political ads inundating my mailbox. Into the trash they go without a glance, because I don't believe either major party.  

Nor do I believe most of the media reporting today. When the Pacific Ocean warms, they call it "global warming." But when the Pacific cools, oh, that's another story. That's caused by "a natural cycle"; by La Niņa  

Well, I agree, the cooling is caused by La Niņa. But why can't they just call it "Global Cooling?" After all, that's what it is.

By the same token, when the Pacific Ocean warms, why can't they admit that that also is driven by a natural cycle; by El Niņo?

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