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Widespread Global Cooling Freezing
Gore’s Credibility


15 Jun 09 – “It is "an inconvenient truth" for Al Gore that the world is currently experiencing some of the coldest weather in decades.

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How about snow in Saudi Arabia in May? The nearby mountains received some snow too.

How about one Accuweather forecaster’s prediction of a "year without summer." across Minnesota and the Dakotas.

“Unfortunately for Al Gore's credibility there have been widespread reports of unseasonably cold weather from many sources including a story yesterday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“So far, the trend toward a cool summer has been emphatic, with furnaces blasting through the first days of June across the state. The average daily temperature for the first 11 days of June in the Twin Cities was 7.2 degrees below normal.

Meanwhile Chicago is experiencing a very cold summer as well. In fact it has been described by the WGN Weather Blog as "the coldest since records there began 50 years ago.”

“How long can Al Gore continue shilling the dangers of global warming when it is actually global cooling that is causing problems, especially in agriculture, as pointed out in this report in the Canadian Press?

WINNIPEG - Following a bitterly cold winter and a spring that refused to warm up, farmers are looking at reduced production and low yields for virtually every crop.

"I've been farming for over 40 years and ... it was one of the longest and coldest springs that I can remember," Chuck Fossay, who grows canola, flax and other crops near Starbuck, Man., said Thursday.

"We just managed to finish seeding on Sunday, so we're about three weeks behind in seeding (and) the crop is very slow coming out of the ground 'cause of the cold weather."

According to the Canadian Wheat Board's annual crop outlook issued Thursday, producers across the Prairies will be producing smaller crops.

“Even Botswana in Africa is reporting unusually cold weather.” And …“Australian ski resorts are enjoying the heavy snowfall due to low temperatures according to this story:

See entire article by P.J. Gladnick s-freeze-al-gore-media-credibilit
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Please also enjoy this video of the founder of The Weather Channel who wants to sue Al Gore for Global Warming fraud:





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