Who needs Osama? We’ve got Al 

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 Who needs Osama? We’ve got Al.


17 Jul 08 - Osama Bin Laden has said that he wants to destroy the American economy. All he has to do is sit back and let Al Gore do it for him.

With gasoline prices pushing $4.50 per gallon, Americans have cut back their energy use by two percent. Al Gore wants to force us to cut back our energy use by eighty percent. By eighty percent! How many taxes would he pile on us in order to do that? Gasoline prices at $20.00 per gallon? Would $40.00 per gallon be better? Or $50.00?

All this, just as we head into a much cooler climate.

How warm will you keep your house this winter if you’re paying $20.00 per gallon for heating oil? Or $40.00?

Oh, Al will call it carbon trading, or carbon offsets, or cap and trade, or some other terminology that we’re not supposed to understand, but in the long run it still amounts to the same thing: a huge tax on gasoline.

I hope the American public is smarter than this.

Now Al is pushing even harder.

He’s trying to put global warming back at the top of Washington’s agenda with a new speech, but some Democrats in Congress are questioning his timing. They fear that the American public might suddenly realize that they care more about polar bears than about the people who are losing their jobs and their homes.

Who needs Osama? We’ve got Al.

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