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Who in the hell is writing our laws?

13 Aug 09 - President Obama says he hasn't had time to read the laws that he's trying to shove down our throats. Our Senators say that they haven't read them either. Nor have our Congressmen.

So who in the hell is writing our laws?

We talk about throwing the present lawmakers out of office. What good will that do if the career bureaucrats and lobbyists scurrying around the back halls of Washington are the ones who remain in charge?

As far as I'm concerned, the people now writing our laws are unelected, would-be tyrants, answerable to no one, responsible to no one, intent on increasing the size of their fiefdoms and the thickness of their wallets, intent on increasing their power and wealth.

Let's elect lawmakers who promise to wrest control back from these unelected rulers - the new aristocracy.

Let's elect lawmakers who promise to listen to us instead of just simply calling us an unruly "mob."  

Until recently, the United States has been the most productive society on earth. Why destroy it?

People risk their lives in order to escape the tyranny of other countries. Why destroy what our forefathers worked so hard to achieve? Why create yet another form of tyranny?

Don't let them pass their foolish and destructive Cap-and-Trade (Control-and-Tax) bill.

We should be eliminating laws, not writing new ones.

Don't let them destroy this once great country!





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