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Whistler to break November snowfall record today -
and it's only the 19th
(The record is now broken smashed! - See below)

19 Nov 09 - Whistler Mountain in British Columbia is hours away from breaking its own record for snowiest November ever, says Whistler/Blackcomb ski area spokesperson Tabatha Boot. Both Whistler and Blackcomb have received more than six feet of snow this month, says Boot. And it's only the 18th! And still snowing!

          Tabatha made this prediction on the Weather Channel last night. This
          morning, reader Alan Stover sent a fantastic article by meteorologist
          Joe D'Aleo. Here are a few excerpts.

“It seems like every day’s snowfall is topping the last,” said Stephen Butt, communications coordinator and voice of the Snow Phone for Whistler Blackcomb. “We have already received one third of our average annual snowfall for the entire season and it’s only four days into the season." said Butt. "It’s unbelievable!” 

See photo gallery here.

"This record Whistler Blackcomb ski resort November snowfall is occurring in spite of the National Weather Service predictions in No Need to go to the Desert for the Winter, in the October 1 Tacoma News Tribune link, that begins as follows,

“Skiers may want to hold off on buying that new set of snow skis for the coming winter. Umbrellas still will come in handy but there may not be enough rain to seriously challenge river levees.  El Nino is back and that usually means a mild Northwest winter with less rain and higher temperatures than normal, one of the National Weather Service’s top climatologists said Wednesday.”

See entire great article, plus more on the record-breaking China snowfall:
Thanks to Alan Stover in Saltillo, México, for this link

The record is now broken smashed!
Here’s what the Whistler website said just a few minutes ago:

19 Nov 09 (7:30 a.m.) – “418cms (161 inches) have fallen so far, smashing our record for all time snowiest November!!” (And it’s still early in the morning.)

Here’s a link to the Whistler website:
Thanks to Cam McNaughton for this link
          “So far so good as far as Olympic preparations go :), says Cam







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