What Global Warming?

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What Global Warming?
Another great commentary by Philip Brennan


28 May 08 - The planet is heating up as a result of global warming and mankind is facing disaster unless we take on Mother Nature and frustrate her plans to barbecue us all.

How do we know that? Well Al Gore tells us so, and we must pay heed to his warnings because he is a towering figure in climatology, recognized as such by the Nobel Peace Prize committee which awarded him their coveted Nobel Peace Prize, and Hollywood which gave him an Oscar for his doomsday film, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Oh that Al Gore! The allegedly credible Al Gore.

Not the real Al Gore who assured us that he invented the Internet.

Not the Al Gore whose Oscar winning film was riddled with errors and used film of melting glaciers lifted from a movie where the chunks of glacial ice falling into the sea  were really plastic foam made to look like ice.

Not that Al Gore who insists that the science is settled, that the great majority of scientists believe in global warming and only a tiny handful of scientists who he says probably also believe that the earth is flat, dispute the reality of global warming - this in the face of  the 31,000 plus scientists who have signed statements that declared his theory humbug.

That Al Gore.

Face it, Global Warming is a gigantic hoax being used to justify the imposition of some of the most Draconian measures imaginable to combat a menace that does not exist. Developed nations around the world are enacting or hoping to enact legislation that will destroy their economies and doom third world nations to starvation.

All in the name of fighting a non-existent threat.

There ain't no global warming!"

Got it?

And if you think this year was cold, just wait until next year.

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