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Why Are So Many TV Meteorologists
and Weathercasters Climate 'Skeptics'?


17 Jun 08 - All three staff meteorologists at KLTV in the Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville area of Northeast Texas delivered an on-air rebuttal last November of the idea that humans are changing the earth's climate.

Meteorologist Grant Dade: "Is the Earth warming? Yes, I think it is. But is man causing that? No. It's a simple climate cycle our climate goes through over thousands of years."

One of his KLTV colleagues said Earth "will not be warming anymore" in 20 to 30 years. The station's third weathercaster suggested that increased attention to manmade climate change was being driven by scientists who want "grant money."

Such skeptical pronouncements appear to be fairly common among TV meteorologists and weathercasters, more the rule than the exception.

John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel and now a weathercaster for San Diego's independent KUSI, argues forcefully that manmade global warming is "the greatest scam in history"

Neil Frank, the 25-year director of the National Hurricane Center, recently retired after 21 years as chief meteorologist at Houston's CBS affiliate, KHOU, in 2006 told the Washington Post that it is "a hoax" and that greenhouse emissions actually may help what he called "a carbon dioxide-starved world."

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported in May that Minneapolis forecasters are speaking out on the issue and "most of them are landing on the side of the skeptics."

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