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We are now in a low CO2 period

20th century increase insignificant

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4 Jul 10 - "Looking back 600 million years, atmospheric carbon dioxide was likely 18 times today’s concentration during the Cambrian period when life’s diversity was at its greatest expansion (red circle)," says Burt Rutan.  "It was 4 times the current level when the dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid.  The only other extended time CO2 was low, (like today) was a period 300 million years ago."




"In the big picture we are now in a low CO2 period," says Rutan.  "The 20th century increase shows as an insignificant dot at this scale."

"Do we risk runaway greenhouse warming if our CO2 concentration gets too high?" asks Rutan. "It has never significantly driven temperature before."

"Venus may have runaway greenhouse warming, but its CO2, at 96.5% is 2,500 times the level of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere."

Rutan will give a version of this presentation at the International Experimental Aircraft Convention, world's largest convention, at 11:15 am, July 31st, Pavilion 7.

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Who is Burt Rutan?
Burt Rutan was Time magazine's "100 most influential people in the world, 2004" and Inc. Magazine's "Entrepreneur of the Year." Newsweek called him "the man responsible for more innovations in modern aviation than any living engineer." (After this, Time may call him the greatest persona non grata of the year.)
Rutan has received hundreds of awards including: Presidential Citizen's Medal, Two Collier Trophies, Academy of Achievement Golden Plate and the Charles Lindbergh Award. He has developed 44 new aircraft types since 1972 including; Voyager (1986 RTW-non refueled), SpaceShipOne (2004 Funded by Paul Allen, winner of X-prize) and the first commercial spaceship - SpaceShipTwo (2009 Funded by Sir Richard Branson).

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