Water’s Nice, but not as Ice

Not by Fire but by Ice


Updated 9 July 06


Water's Nice, But Not as Ice
Here are excerpts from a great article by Alan Caruba 

9 Jul 06 -"A little ice to cool a drink on a hot summer's day is nice, but when 
you think of it as an Ice Age, it becomes an inexorable force of Nature more to 
be feared than any fictional global warming.

"As June drew to a close, my daily newspaper reported, "Jerseyeans evacuate 
as river swells toward 50-year high." Unusual flooding occurred from Washington,
D.C. up through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. What could be
causing such torrential rain?

"Would you believe volcanoes?

"No, not the ones you can see, but the ones beneath the oceans of the world that
you cannot. In a prescient book, "Not by Fire, but by Ice", Robert W. Felix shares
his years of independent research to warn of the next Ice Age that is, meteoro-
logically speaking, just around the corner. There are two factors at work. One is
the established, known cycles of climate change. The other is the unknown number
of undersea volcanoes.

"As Felix says, ‘It’s not global warming, it’s ocean warming, caused by
underwater volcanoes.’

"As the oceans and seas are subject to the unseen volcanic activity, they are
sending huge amounts of moisture up into the atmosphere where it returns as a
heavy rain in spring, summer and fall. In the winter, it returns as snow.

"The key to understanding what is really occurring on Earth is to understand 
that there are known cycles. As Felix notes, ‘there is an ice-age cycle known as
the Milankovitch cycle; one that returns like clockwork. I believe it is now time 
for the next beat of that cycle.’

"Warming seas and colder skies…a deadly combination," says Felix. We are
coming to an end of the current interglacial period of approximately eleven to
twelve thousand years. When you put increased amount of moisture into the air 
as the result of warming oceans and seas, you get snow. "Unimaginable amounts 
of snow."

"[The next ice age] could occur so swiftly that it would create chaos among 
the populations of the northern hemisphere. Either way, slow or quick, the early
warning signs of storms with increasing severity, heavier rainfalls, blizzards that
leave deeper snow in their wake, and floods all over the globe are all there for
anyone to see.

"It is not manmade carbon dioxide that is bringing about these changes. It is active
volcanoes, some a mile or more high, yet entirely hidden from view under the

"Nature doesn’t care where you live or what you drive."

To see the full article, go to: http://capitolhillcoffeehouse.com/more.php?id=646_0_1_0_M

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