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Considerably warmer than today

just 7000 years ago

So much for human-caused global warming



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14 Nov 10 - 'Earth's climate can only be stabilized by bringing carbon dioxide emissions under control in the twenty-first century.’

"That is the opening sentence of a paper in Nature Geoscience last month," says author Matt Ridley. "It is shocking that it got past the editors and reviewers. After 4 billion years of climatic volatility, much of it not caused by CO2 but by orbital variations, solar cycles and so on, how on earth are we to `stabilise’ earth’s climate by adjusting just one forcing factor? I refuse to accept that the climate could ever be stabilised, let alone by adjusting one factor. That sentence has no place in a scientific journal."

This graph makes is amply clear that "the warmth of the Holocene optimum, peaking about 7,000 years ago, was both global in extent and considerably warmer than today."

So much for human-caused global warming.

See all of this excellent article by Matt Ridley.
Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this link

Matt Ridley is the award-winning author of provocative books on evolution. His books have sold over 800,000 copies, been translated into 27 languages and been short-listed for six literary prizes. In 2004 he won the National Academies Book Award from the US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine for 'Nature via Nurture'. In 2007 he won the Davis Prize from the US History of Science Society for 'Francis Crick'

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Reader suggests different title

Time to get new long johns!

Dear Mr. Felix,

Perhaps more to the point would be considering just how much of that graph shows temperatures that are significantly COLDER than what we are currently experiencing. Hence, if one were to bet how things would turn out based just on that graph one would probably be well advised to get new long johns.                             - Mike Johnson




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