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Waist-deep snowfall paralyzes South Korea  

Wide-spread roof collapses


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13 Feb 11 - "Record-breaking snowfall pounded South Korea's east coast on Saturday," says this article on The Korea Times.

The waist-deep snow stranded hundreds of motorists on highways and destroyed dozens of houses, officials said.

The roofs of dozens of houses, livestock sheds, vinyl greenhouses - even a bowling alley -  collapsed under the weight of the snow.

According to the Gangwon Regional Meteorological Administration, two-day snowfall in the area reached 43 inches (110 cm) in Samcheok, 39 inches (100.1 cm)
in Donghae, 22 inches (56.3 cm) in Daegwallyeong mountain pass, and 17 inches (42.8 cm) in Sokcho.

Gangneung received 30 inches (77.7 cm) of snow on Friday alone, the heaviest single-day record since records-keeping began there a century ago in 1911.

All roads except for major motorways and houses in the city were buried under more than three fee (one meter) of snow. Some drivers complained that they could hardly find their own cars in parking lots, let alone pull them out.

Damages to farming facilities were tentatively tallied at 3.55 billion won ($3.15 million), the Gangwon provincial government said, adding that the amount is expected to snowball (Don't know if pun was intended or not.) when local authorities launch an official survey on Sunday.
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