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Volcanic activity increasing worldwide

 Lists 20 deadliest volcanoes in past 500 years

(Scroll to end to see why this concerns me


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"We are seeing an increase in volcanic activity worldwide, says climatologist Cliff Harris.

"On Aug. 29, thousands of people were evacuated after a volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra erupted for the first time in 400 years. Earlier this month, Mount Sinabung spewed hot ash more than a mile into the air along with volcanic earthquakes. Two people died and more than 30,000 were evacuated.

"In Iceland, the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, which caused widespread flight cancellations in Europe because of the giant ash cloud, has produced a lot of speculation concerning the neighboring volcano Katla. In the past, when Eyjafjallajokull has erupted, Katla has often followed within a short period of time.

"On Aug. 25, Italy's Etna volcano and Columbia's Galeros volcano, both erupted. The explosions were not huge, but new and perhaps bigger eruptions are expected at anytime.

"If volcanic activity continues to increase, and there is an eruption big enough to send millions of tons of ash and dust into the upper layers of the atmosphere, then the Earth's temperature would likely drop at least a degree or two from present levels. This happened in June of 1991 when Mount Pinatubo exploded in the Philippines. For the following year, the Earth's temperature dropped about 1-2 degrees before recovering several years later.

"Here are the 20 most deadly volcanic eruptions in the past 500 years worldwide and their approximately death tolls:

Kelut, Indonesia, 1586: 10,000

Vesuvius, Italy, 1631: 4,000

Oshima, Japan, 1741: 1,481

Papadanyan, Indonesia, 1772: 2,960

Lakagigar, Iceland, 1783: 9,340

Unze, Japan, 1792: 15,000

Tambora, Indonesia, 1815: 92,000

Galunggung, Indonesia, 1822: 4,000

Nevado del Ruiz, Columbia, 1845: 36,417

Krakatau, Indonesia, 1883: 36,417

Ritter, Paupa New Guinea, 1888: 3,000

Mount Pelee, Martinique, 1902: 29,000

Kelut, Indonesia, 1919: 5,110

Lamington, Papua New Guinea, 1951: 2,942

Hibok-Hibok, Philippines, 1951: 500

Agung, Indonesia, 1963: 1,148

Climatologist Cliff Harris writes a weekly column for The Coeur d'Alene Press.

See entire article:


Why do I keep mentioning volcanoes?

Because ice ages correlate with huge increases in volcanic activity.

Here's a quote from Not by Fire but by Ice:

"Polarity reversals, equinoctial precession, and ice ages, all march to the same drummer. As do extinctions, new species appearance, volcanism, and rising land. Toss in the specter of massive floods, 30-story tsunami (tsunami is both singular and plural), and radioactivity falling on your head, and you've got the picture."

Just look at the last three magnetic reversals (kya stands for thousands of years ago):

34 kya - Lake Mungo magnetic reversal. Intensive volcanism. 

23 kya - Mono Lake magnetic reversal. Major volcanism. The Mono Lake event actually straddles a layer of ash (Liddicoat).

11.5 kya - Gothenburg magnetic reversal. Worldwide volcanism (Lamb). Mexican volcanism Afirmly@ dated at 11,580 " 70 years (Street-Perrott). Germany=s West Eiffel fields erupt (Lamb). Mount St. Helens ash interlayered with Lake Missoula flood deposits, indicating simultaneous events (Chernicoff). Glacier Peak, Washing­ton, erupts (Dawson). Alaskan volcanism of tremendous proportions. In Alaska and Siberia, ash lies interspersed through the piles of mammoth bones them­selves. (Hibben). Mt. Katla, Iceland, erupts (Dawson).

I fear that we are seeing a similar increase in volcanic activity right now.






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