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Vanuatu's Volcanoes have Awakened -

Fantastic Video

Could this be due to low sunspot activity?

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22 May 10 - Look out Australia! Trouble is brewing in Vanuatu. A Vanuatu eruption could blast a tsunami toward Australia.

"In the past few weeks, the level of activity has increased markedly," says volcanologist John Search in this fantastic video. "Something big
could happen any time. People don't take
volcanic eruptions seriously enough."

"Australia should be realistic," says Search. "Tsunami can be bigger than the Sumatra
tsunami in 2006. The largest tsunami have
come from volcanic eruptions."

"In recent months they've awakened," say islanders. "All of the volcanoes in Vanuatu are excited right now. You can feel the movement underneath your feet."

          This week while attending the Heartland Institute's 4th International
          Conference on Climate Change in Chicago, I asked Dr. Habibullo
          Abdussamatov, head of space research at the Pulkovo Astronomical
          Observatory in St. Petersburg, Russia, if low sunspot activity could
          trigger volcanic activity such as that in Iceland or Vanuato.

          Dr. Abdussamatov said, "No."

          But considering my contention that tectonic movement is driven
          by electromagnetic forces (see "Not by Fire but by Ice"), I can't
          help but think that there must be a connection.

See fantastic video

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Also see volcanologist John Search's website:





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