Vancouver 1 cm short of all-time December snow record 

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Vancouver 1 cm (1/3 inch) short of all-time
December snow record


18 Jan 09 – Email from reader in Vancouver, B.C.

Hi There,

I have been going to your site for a few months now, and everything seems more and more true. When I first went on about half a year ago I was into "global warming" and all that bull*.

Ever since the economic crisis I have started thinking, why all the panic? It's January 18th now and the new year has started out cold and below normal, Last month Vancouver hit a 50-year record low. It was -16 degrees celsius and that shocked me because it has not been even close to that cold since 1991. When the week long freeze was over Western Canada was hit with a number of pacific storms, and you can guess what happened next, YES over 70cm of snow! We missed an all time record for December snowfall by 1cm (1/3 inch). Vancouver is usually a warm coastal city with lots of rain and wind. No one expected more then 1-2 days of snow before the rain washed it up. Its been nearly a month and we have half a foot of snow left in the higher elevations. 

Well anyways now I'm changing my mind about global warming, I have told my friends/family and they agree that its NOT getting warmer like Al Gore warned. That’s all I wanted to share.

Thanks for having your site.

Kornel Nazar





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