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Upcoming winter will be a shocker to millions
across the world
By Mark Vogan

17 Oct 09 – (Excerpts) With all the heavy snow falling either out West over Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado or over the Midwest ….and even the 20% snow cover across America and it's only mid-October, is there anything more to all this than just a wacky pattern that appears every once in a while?

I have been amazed when I see "highs in the teens" and lows below zero this early. Not to mention the rarity of Billings, Montana recieving "4 straight days below freezing" The fact that Polebridge achieved a nighttime low of -13 degrees is remarkable for so early. The previous night saw -11 at Utica, Montana.

Denver is another amazing example of just how cold it's been … a frigid high of just 26 degrees. ..The high there should be 69 degrees for this time of year!!

Countless records were broken for coldest, so early!

Is this a sign of a global cooling?

We have now seen records for BOTH SNOW AND COLD from the Rockies to Midwest and Lakes all the way to East with State College, Pa STILL getting snow this morning …  

Europe's central region is getting blasted also by heavy, record-breaking snow and cold … as science is proving on many levels, the thermostat of earth is getting turned down...

Whether it be late summer arrivals with so called "freak April, May or June snowfalls" or "freak September, October snowfalls" … there has been a rapid cool down since throughout the year and I see an INCREASE in record snow and cold as well as record or unusual late season snow and cold…

I believe Canada may be the first country in the Northern Hemisphere to say goodbye to global warming with cooling summers and rapidly growing colder winters. Major mountain ranges are seeing INCREASED SNOWFALL …

The large reaction to the Nina of 2008 is playing a role is the large-scale pattern that's established now and is very dominant and will likely play a major role in this upcoming winter which I believe will be a real shocker to millions across the world…

 The signs are all around us of large-scale, global changes to a cooling world. Each year for the next 20 years will see increasing snowfall and coverage that, in turn will reflect a vast portion of sun's energy back to space, therefore creating a very cool world.

In the next 20 years, we shall see new stunning cold records written, a new era of cold is arriving and this winter approaching may be the start to a trend.

See entire article, entitled “Is there something in all this early season cold and snow?” l

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Email from reader:


Going tailgating before a college football game has been the tradition here. 

Unfortunately for the Penn State/Minnesota game, a half foot of global warming snow lays on the lots and no cars or RV's will be able to park there.  Even on the paved lots no tailgating will be allowed.

Here are quotes from the Penn State Football website:

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa., - “Due to the volume of snow already on the ground at University Park, combined with the forecast of potentially significant snowfall tonight, all grass lots have been closed for Saturday's Penn State-Minnesota football game.”

“Parking in paved lots also will be restricted, with no tents or tailgates permitted…”

See entire article:
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