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Unusual snow just outside Mexico City

Just 5 days away from spring  


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16 Mar 2011

Mr. Felix,

My name is Jesus Herrera and I work as CFO in an internet infrastructure company in Mexico. I was born and raised in Mexico City, which is located at 1914’20.45” N latitude, around 500 Kms (roughly 310 miles) south from the Cancer Tropic line.

I have been regularly following your webpage,, for about three years now. Thanks for the effort. 

It angers me to see all the lies and ignorance out there in the media about “global warming”, so visiting your page is like to visit an oasis of (common) sense and true.

Yesterday, March 15th, a 3.9 Kms (2.4 miles) from sea level hill (volcano) called “Ajusco”, located just outside Mexico City to the South, was covered by ice/snow at the top. This is very unusual and when it happens is around the end of December or in January, but not 5 days away from Spring. (See photo here: )

Same happened with the huge (active) volcano 70 miles south east to the City, the “Popocatepetl”, of which you can find eloquent series of daily photographs showing no snow and then snow (today). These photos are taken on a daily basis by a volcano activity monitoring system called CENAPRED, run by the largest Mexican/Latin American Univesity: UNAM. It had snow june/july last year, in summer!

Also, within the City there is a very beautiful tree species we call “Jacaranda”, which usually blossoms between mid February and mid March, showing off big purple bushed trees all around town. This year, they just started to blossom couple of weeks ago, because of lower temperatures than usual.

According to Wikipedia, "Ajusco is a 3,930 m (12,894 ft) lava dome volcano located just south of Mexico City. It is the highest point in the Mexican Federal District, which contains Mexico City."
(See )





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