Unseasonal Snow Storms Take Seven Lives in Mongolia 

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13 October 07


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Unseasonal Snow Storms 
Take Seven Lives in Mongolia
11 Oct 07 - "Seven people were killed in the recent unseasonal snow storms that devastated Mongolia’s southeastern province of Sukhbaatar aimag on October 5-6. According to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), three others were rescued in a critical condition.

"A herder in Sukhbaatar soum of the aimag went out on Saturday with his two sons to try to gather back their animals dispersed by the storm. The father and one son lost their way back and were later found frozen to death. The other son, 17, came back home the following day but is in hospital, recovering from numbed skin.

"Four teenage children, two boys aged 15 and two girls between 8 and 10, were found dead 30 kilometers away from the center of Uulbayan soum. They had been returning from school in the aimag center on a motorcycle. The last casualty was a man of 29, from Monkhkhaan soum, who was stranded in the steppe as his motorcycle had run out of gasoline.

"NEMA said that on Friday and Saturday, there was a sudden sharp drop in the air temperature in Sukhbaatar aimag followed by snow and rain. Wind speed reached 14 mps. There was 19 mm of snow in Bayan-Uul soum, and 21 mm in Tumentsogt soum.

"The Hydrology and Meteorology Institute reported that nighttime air temperature stood 6C  below zero in the area. People were not adequately protected.

"Such violent storms in early October are not common in the relatively warm regions of the country, which include Sukhbaatar aimag."

See entire article by Ch.Sumiyabazar
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