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"Unprecedented" snowstorm in Pakistan

10,000 livestock killed

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2 Jun 10 -  (Excerpts) - "Several nomad families at various migration routes in upper reaches of Kishtwar were reportedly missing since untimely heavy snowfall and rain struck the Pir Panjal mountain ranges last week, UNI said, quoting a senior police officer who requesting anonymity.

"At least 25 members of Bakkarwal tribe, including women and children, were feared killed along with their livestock while several others are reportedly missing after unprecedented snowstorm in Kishtwar district, official sources today said.

"Tribal Research and Cultural Foundations secretary Dr Javid Rahi estimated loss of livestock over 10,000.

"As per official assessment, over 4,000 cattle, including goats, sheep, horses, cows and buffaloes, have been killed in inaccessible high reaches of Warwan.

"Exact number of people killed in this natural disaster in Warwan area, which connects Kishtwar to Kargil (Ladakh area), could be known only after the administration teams reach the places,'' the officer said, asserting that it takes three days to reach the locations. There is no telecommunication facility in the area. "So far we can just say several nomadic families are missing as we have not been able to establish contact with them,'' the officer said.

"Not only Kishtwar, but the higher reaches in other districts of the state also witnessed heavy snowfall and rains, and there could be more casualties, an official said.

"Yesterday, a joint relief column comprising Army doctors, civilian veterinary doctors, police personnel and officials from the District Headquarters were airlifted from Kishtwar to Warwan. The team carried along with them sufficient quantities of medicines both for the deras as well as their livestock."
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