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US Temperature Records Biased on High Side

By Richard Henry Lee

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10 May 09 - (Excerpts) - After surveying 70% of the 1,221 weather monitoring stations in the US, Anthony Watts of the Watts Up With That website, finds that the temperature record is “unreliable”. About 90% of the stations are sited poorly, such as being surrounded by asphalt parking lots which act as heat islands. The result is that most stations are reporting “higher or rising temperatures” due to poor siting alone, according to Watts.

The US surface temperature record is one indicator used for making claims about global warming.

Anthony Watts and his volunteer army numbering 650 performed yeoman’s work in amassing this data. The results are chronicled at Watts’ website at  The project was funded entirely by volunteers without corporate or government assistance.

These results also provide additional evidence that the science of global warming is not settled, and that we should not embark on a costly efforts to control CO2 emissions when the underlying data is faulty.

But the real question is why it took a dedicated group of volunteers to find the numerous faults in our temperature record rather than the heavily funded governmental and educational institutions which are continually warning us about global warming.

Dear Robert,

8 Dec 09 - Email from a reader:
"This was a bit of a shock to me; that the weather data collecting stations are often located in parking lots, covered with heat trapping asphalt, and that the data collected from them is somewhat faulty.
Thanks to David Bronzich for this link





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