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UK’s Sunday Times goes skeptic big time

11 Oct 09 - The Sunday Times has taken the plunge and dedicated its Section 4 to this headline: “Why Everything You Think You Know About Global Warming is Wrong.”

Although Al Gore “isn’t technically lying” when he presents his nightmare scenarios in An Inconvenient Truth, the article says, for instance, the state of Florida disappearing under rising seas, but the scenarios “don’t have any basis in physical reality.”

The carbon dioxide level now measures 380 parts per million, says the article. “What people don’t know…is that the carbon dioxide level 80 million years ago – when our mammalian ancestors were evolving – was at least 1,000 parts per million.”

"So not only is carbon dioxide plainly not poisonous,” the article continues, “but changes in carbon dioxide levels don't necessarily mirror human activity. Nor does atmospheric carbon dioxide warm the earth: ice-cap evidence shows that over the past several hundred thousand years, carbon dioxide levels have risen after arise in temperature, not the other way around." (The word after was italicized in original article.)

The emphasis on carbon dioxide? “Misplaced,” says astrophysicist Lowell Wood. Why? “Because carbon dioxide is not the major greenhouse gas.” “The climate models are crude in space and they’re crude in time.”

     “Carbon dioxide is innocent of all it has been accused of by alarmist
      zealots, says analytical chemist Hans Schreuder. “Let's hope the children
      get that message!” 

     “Next stage is to relieve water vapour of its role as a major greenhouse
      gas, but that will take a little longer ....”

For an almost readable copy, go here. Then click on the image to make it larger.
Thanks to Hans Schreuder for this link

See Hans Schreuder's open letter to the Parliament:





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