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UK - Freeze until February

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16 Dec 10 - "Britain is braced for the worst blizzards in nearly 100 years – with up to a foot of snow set to cause widespread chaos," says this article on the website.

Snow will fall over most of Britain on Saturday, perhaps as much as 12 inches in the South on Sunday or Monday.

In addition to the snow, temperatures could plummet to minus 15C overnight with Arctic winds making it feel like -20C.

"The cold will run through January, and possibly into February," said Jonathan Powell, senior forecaster for Positive Weather Solutions. "This is going to be a very severe white-out, initially coming in a short burst very quickly.”

“The most recent weather comparable to what we are about to see is the Christmas Day blizzard of 1927," said Netweather forecaster Ian Michael White. "The South was left with 20ft snowdrifts and paralysed for a more than a week.”

See entire article and video:
Thanks to Don Brown for this link

"Personally, I believe that this winter will be so cold and will last for so long that the snow will start to accumulate in the more northern reaches of Britain and will remain in patches through the short summer," says Don.

"An early winter next year will add to this accumulation and before we know it we will see the signs of the next ice age.

"Unfortunately, due to the shorter summers in the next couple of years, food will be at a premium and I believe we will see society disintegrate within a very short space of time."



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