Toronto's rainiest summer in 70 years

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Toronto's rainiest summer in 70 years


11 Aug 08 - "We'll remember this summer not as the summer from hell, but of disappointment," said David Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada.

"People are feeling that it doesn't matter if they save money on air conditioning or that they're healthier because there's no smog. It's just too wet and stormy."

“Around 3 p.m. Saturday, the record for June 1-Aug. 31 rainfall – 335.9 mm set in 1986 – was broken. But it didn't stop there.

“As of midnight on Saturday, 354.2 mm of rain had been recorded at Pearson International Airport from June 1 to Aug. 9.

"Every day we get rain we're just going to continue to break the previous record until Aug. 31," Phillips said.

“It's also already the wettest January-to-August period recorded at Pearson in 70 years, with 705 mm of precipitation. The next closest is 679.3 mm in 1945.”
Thanks to Thomas for this link

               “Meteorologists believe the colder than normal winter last year 
                and this years record cold summer in Alaska and other parts of
                the world has a lot to do with La Nina,” says Thomas. “I am
                more convinced that solar activity has a much greater impact
                on the earth's climate. Since January sunspot activity has dwindled
                to levels far less than over the same time period last year. July had
                a total of 23 and on Aug, 21 there were 11, which was the first
                time in over a month! It will be interesting to see how the global
                temps will react over the coming months. Any further cooling will
               surely have a dramatic impact. I anticipate the coming months
               and winter in the northern hemisphere will set all kinds of new
               records for temps and precipitation!”

I agree, Thomas.




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