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Three Great Lakes Freeze Over


4 Mar 09 - "Coinciding with the effort of the new administration’s efforts to fight global warming, we find three of the five Great Lakes are almost totally frozen over. Lake Erie is totally frozen, Superior about 98% and Huron about 85%. This is an extreme rarity.

"Perhaps we are entering the new Ice Age."
See Corky Boyd’s blog 
Thanks to Marty Aubol for this link

Satellite image of Lake Superior.

NOAA agrees with Corky
“Due to the recent cold spell and below normal temperatures for much of the winter of 2008-2009,” says this NOAA website, “ice covers nearly all of Lake Superior. Only small areas of open water remain. This satellite image was taken on Tuesday, March 3rd.”

See larger satellite image on the web

Up-to-date maps of the Great Lakes
showing ice coverage
You can also view up-to-date maps of the Great Lakes. If I’m interpreting the maps on this NOAA website correctly, they show Lake Erie, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron totally - or almost totally - frozen, Lake Ontario about 75% frozen, and Lake Michigan about 80% frozen.)

By clicking on the image of a particular lake, you’ll get access to recent maps. Then you’ll need to click on the most recent date. There are even maps of Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.

The red areas are 9/10 ice.
Blue areas are 1/10 ice.
Grey areas are fast ice (100% rock hard).





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