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Thousands of Tulsa residents trapped by snow

4 days after storm

Store aisles empty



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4 Feb 11 - By Friday, the blizzard that dumped 20 inches of snow, sleet and ice on Tulsa on Tuesday still had the area paralyzed.

Marnie Fernandez had almost no milk or toilet paper and only a few granola bars and fruit snacks for the kids.

"I've never seen anything like this where people literally can't get out of their houses," said Fernandez, 39, who's lived in Oklahoma most of her life. "You just realize you're not in control and you're at the mercy of Mother Nature."

Other Tulsa residents also were running low on food and basics four days after the largest snowfall in the city's history. Thousands were trapped in snowpacked neighborhoods, unable to make it to main streets. Those who could walk to stores emptied the shelves of milk, bread and juice, and managers said no supplies were expected until the roads cleared and trucks could get in.

The day after the storm, Robert Walters braved the frigid temperatures that followed and walked to a convenience store near his suburban home in Sapulpa. He trudged through slippery streets, diving into snowdrifts whenever cars approached, but when he reached the store, entire aisles were empty. There was no meat, and frozen foods were sold out.

Read all of this fascinating article by Justin Juozapavicius:

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