Thickness of Hudson Bay Sea Ice Increasing

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25 Mar 07



Thickness of Hudson Bay Sea Ice Increasing

15 Jan 07 - In the October 2006 issue of Climate Research, Alexandre Gagnon of the University of Liverpool (UK) and William Gough of the University of Toronto Scarborough (Canada) reported on trends in Hudson Bay sea ice thickness using data from the Canadian Ice Service.

Gagnon and Gough extracted data records of ice thickness and depth of the snow on the ice for 7 sea-ice and 6 lake-ice measuring stations within the Hudson Bay region for periods of as long as 1958 through 2003 and as short as 1972 through 1995. The researchers complimented the ice/snow data with seasonal temperature data from 17 weather stations in the region.

They found "significant trends toward an increase in the annual maximum ice thickness" at three sea ice stations and one lake ice station. Additionally, they found statistically significant trends toward an earlier occurrence of annual maximum ice thickness at three sea ice stations, two of which were not among the stations exhibiting a significant increase in ice thickness.

In total, 5 of the 7 sea ice stations show either significant trends of increasing maximum ice thickness, earlier occurrence of the maximum thickness, or both. Only one station, a lake ice station, evidenced a significant thinning trend.

In analyzing regional air temperature across the Hudson Bay region Gagnon and Gough conclude that temperatures changed over the second half of 20th century in much the same pattern as has been portrayed for the greater Northern Hemisphere: a peak in warming during the 1950s, followed by cooling in the 1960s and into the 1970s, and a renewed warming over the last couple of decades.

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