The world will run out of wheat 

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3 November 07


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 "The world will run out of wheat"

A reader e-mailed about my concern that "we’ll be fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice."


I have attached a grain report from General Mills that I think you will find quite interesting, I have been following this for quite some time. Being in the food business for twenty years I have seen a lot of ups and downs in the market, but nothing like this, it is very evident what is going on, but people just don't seem to get it.

When I ordered two pallets of wheat 2 weeks ago it was almost double what I had paid the time before. I called to add an additional pallet the next day and was told it had gone up another $3.00 a bag.

I also order from Tree Top Apple company, I faxed in my order, they called to tell me they couldn't fill the order they were out of apples. I said you are kidding, the lady told me, they are quite afraid, this is the worst crop they have ever had. There are a lot of things going on, we need to change the way we live and start being realistic. I have been in this business for 20 years, people always think that I am crying wolf, well I think they are wrong.

I think people had better wake up before it is too late. I am not just saying this because I sell food, I am saying it because I am concerned. When a company like General mills make a statement like they did ("the world will run out of grain") that is something to note.

(Signed) Jan LeBaron

            Note: Jan, who runs a small country store, gave
            me permission to print her email because she thinks
            people should know what is going on before it’s 
            too late.

            I have read the grain report from General Mills -
            entitled "Flour Facts" - that Jan refers to. Dated
            September 20, 2007, the report says, and I quote:
            "According to our most reliable sources, at the
             current pace of usage, the world will run out of
             wheat." Unquote.

            Thank you Jan, for passing this information on 
             to the world. You’re right. People do need to know
             about this.




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