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The weather says NO to UN climate talks!
Solar activity key determinate of climate


24 Sep 09 - As another top UN Climate summit kicks off in New York today 22nd Sept massive floods bring death and destruction to parts of SE United States confirming WeatherAction's solar-based long range forecasts and confounding Global Warmers beliefs that man is to blame. 

These storms - the worst in the area for 20 years - are one of SEVEN extreme weather events predicted weeks ahead by Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction on 28 August.  

The devastation and simultaneous developing solar-induced extreme situations of East Pacific tropical storm formation and heavy rain and winds in Scandinavia and the Mediterranean belie the claims of the Global warmers that CO2/global warming drives extreme weather events.   

"There is no evidence of any correlation between CO2 and extreme weather events or that changes in hurricane incidence correlate with world temperatures,” said Piers Corbyn astrophysicist of “The proven power of our Solar Weather Technique forecasting system to reliably predict extreme weather events around the world shows solar activity determines the occurrence of extreme weather as well as being the key determinant of climate,” said Corbyn.

"The Solar Weather Technique is advancing fast, Said Corbyn. “It is fast becoming capable of predicting almost all major extreme weather events months ahead. This can save lives. Politicians and weather affected businesses have a simple choice: Apply these scientific advances to save lives, reduce weather losses and help business or continue building their costly 'green bubble' of eco-fundamentalist crazy schemes, carbon taxes and manipulation of the world energy market to hold back world development"

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