The unbelievers

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The unbelievers

14 Oct 08 – “Global warming is happening and we're to blame, right? A die-hard band of naysayers continues to rail against the consensus. Are they completely mad? Judge for yourself...

 “The sceptics declare that the central evidence for carbon-driven climate change in the reports of the IPCC are nonsense. Specifically, the "hockey stick" graph, which correlates the steep rise in world temperatures to the steep rise in carbon emissions, and which Gore demonstrates, with the help of a hydraulic crane, in his film An Inconvenient Truth. Gore's opponents say there's evidence that world temperatures have, in fact, begun to fall since 2000.

In 2005, the (UK) House of Lords Economics Committee voiced "concerns" about the objectivity of the IPCC, suggesting some of the agency's emissions projections were "influenced by political considerations".

Although they’re often accused of being in the pockets of big oil, big gas, or the US Republican Party, the sceptics come from the worlds of politics, economics, television and, crucially, science.

David Bellamy, a professor of botany who was formerly the televisual face of eco-evangelism, has been compared with a Holocaust denier because he doesn't believe carbon emissions cause climate change.

Climatologist Piers Corbyn, maverick weather forecaster and owner of Weather Action, is convinced climate change is caused by solar activity, not CO2.

              I met Piers Corbyn while in London this last April. A brilliant man.

Hans Schreuder, the 62-year-old former chemist who runs the Gore-baiting website, is one of the climate-change sceptics who continue to make their case despite the (supposed) mounting evidence of climate change that we, the public, are presented with every day.

             I also met Hans Schreuder while in London. Another brilliant man ...
             especially since he has endorsed my new book, Magnetic Reversals
             and Evolutionary Leaps

Economist Ruth Lea, who formerly held positions including director of the Centre for Policy Studies, head of the Policy Unit at the Institute of Directors, and economics editor of ITN, warns of the IPCC's political and business interests.

Martin Durkin, known as the 'scourge of the greens', and maker of the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle, says the green industry is in too deep to afford to acknowledge scientific law.

And former Chancellor Nigel Lawson maintains that though the science of climate change could be broadly correct, its consequences have been exaggerated.

Should we give their opinions the time of day? Whether you agree or not (and chances are you won't), the climate-change sceptics have no intention of shutting up.

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