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The malign snowfalls due to
global warming

Email from reader in the UK

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30 Nov 09 - Record November snow in Whistler and also reports of 190 inches at Mt Baker WA, which they say is 'the second highest November snowfall of the past 20 years'. (

In Europe, we're now starting our NORMAL winter. We had big snow in mid-October and the beginning of November, which went away again. Now, the last day of November is seeing 2 - 3 ft of snow across France, Italy, Switzerland and it will spread to Austria tomorrow.

In 1982/3, an Austrian said to me 'der Schnee kommt und geht ein oder zweimal weg, dann am Ende November oder Anfang Dezember faengt Winter wirklich an.'

Translation is: 'the snow will come and maybe go away once or twice, then at the end of November or the beginning of December, winter will really start.'.

Now as it turned out that winter, 27 years ago, winter started late, coming only on December 19th.

But this year, after 27 years of global warming, it looks like we've returned to situation normal.

Something to ponder in Copenhagen, perhaps??

Rhys Jaggar

      Note from Robert: Just ten years ago, during the 1999-2000
      season, Mt. Baker received more than 100 feet of snow – deeper
      than the trees! It was the most snow to fall, in one season,
      anywhere in the world. The Cascades received so much snow 
      that winter that I was able to go skiing on Crystal Mountain
      on the 4th of July.

      It will be interesting to see if this season beats that one.





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