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The chills of Global Cooling

9 Jul 09 - “As global cooling accelerates, global-warmists kick, scream, and push their pet theory -- just like little kids who cover their ears and stomp their feet when older children tell them not to bother waiting up for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve,” says Deroy Murdock of Scripps Howard News Service.

Look at these figures.

     -- June in Manhattan averaged 67.5F -- the coldest average since 1958.

     -- In Phoenix, June's high temperatures remained below 100 degrees for 15 days straight, the first such June since 1913.

     -- In California, Yucca Valley's June average was 8.5 degrees below normal, while downtown Los Angeles averaged five below normal.

     -- In Boston, June saw "the second coldest average high temp since 1872," said veteran meteorologist and Weather Channel alumnus Joseph D'Aleo on

"It has been so cool and so cloudy that trees in northern New England are starting to show colors that normally first appear in September," said D’Aleo. Looking abroad, D'Aleo noted: "Southern Brazil had one of the coldest Junes in decades, and New Zealand has had unusual cold and snow again this year."

All this, while CO2 levels continued to climb.

See entire great article:
Thanks to Marc Morano for this link

         Deroy Murdock is a columnist with Scripps Howard News Service
         and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and
         Peace at Stanford University.
                         E-mail him at





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