The Frigid Future is Upon Us

Not by Fire but by Ice


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The Frigid Future is Upon Us
By Philip Brennan

24 Dec 08 - Excerpts) The heated debate about global warming has suddenly cooled off.

If you doubt that take a look a national temperature charts that show below-zero temperatures as far south as the nation's lower mid-section, a blizzard in Las Vegas and snow in New Orleans and  fire-ravaged Malibu and all happening before winter really sets in.

This is only the beginning. If I'm correct about what I've been saying since 1997, (The Ice Man Cometh the onset of an ice age, little or big, is now upon us, and what's ahead is anything but pretty. This winter will tell the story.

What we're experiencing now is going to prove mild in comparison to what is waiting in the wings. Before this winter ends - and that won't be until late May or early June, most of the world will be in the deep freezer and under the incredible amounts of snow that record breaking blizzards will continue to bring us.

This is not to say that the members of the now panicky members of the Gore brigade will throw in the towel - they'll be telling us that the frigid weather is a result of global warming. But by that time nobody will be listening, and even if they were they wouldn't be able to hear anything through their ear muffs.

What we are now witnessing is the triumph of reality over shabby and fraudulent scientific theory.

In my 1997 series I showed how the scientific community was wedded to the possibility that we were approaching the end of the present interglacial period and headed for a new ice age.

"Few paleoclimatoligists would dispute that the prominent warm periods (or interglacials) that have followed each of the terminations of the major glaciations have had durations of 10,000 plus or minus 2000 years. In each case, a period of considerably colder climate has followed immediately after the interglacial interval.

Since about 10,000 years have passed since the onset of the present period of prominent warmth, the question naturally arises as to whether we are indeed on the brink of a period of colder climate."

A study prepared for the 95th Congress in 1978 agreed with the National Academy of Sciences position as explained in the above-quoted study. The document Weather Modification: Programs, Problems, Policy and Potential warned:

"In geological prospective, the case for cooling is strong ... If this interglacial age lasts no longer than a dozen earlier ones in the past million years … we may reasonably suppose the world is about due to slide into the next ice age." 

That made sense then, before the global warming gravy train brought billions in research grants to global warming researchers, and it makes sense now.

Moreover, Mother Nature has now begun to show her hand by pouring ice water on the AGW hoax.

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Phil Brennan is a veteran journalist and World War II Marine who writes for Newsmax.Com. He is editor and publisher of Wednesday on the Web (http://www.pvbr.Com) and was Washington columnist (Cato) for National Review magazine in the 1960s. . He is a trustee of the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a member of the Association For Intelligence Officers.

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