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The Debate Goes On
By Marc Morano

15 Mar 08 - (Excerpts) "Climate conference for global warming skeptics challenges claims of consensus. Alleges suppression of findings skeptical of alarmist predictions.

"Editor’s Note: We have been publishing more material than ever on the subject of climate change, for a very simple reason: The debate is not over as to the cause, the eventual severity, nor the remedies for climate change. The debate never was over, and for the mainstream press to have ever acceded to the notion that debate was over, or to condone marginalizing anyone who continued to debate, is one of the most eggregious examples of media bias in history.

"One should think that given what is at stake - the reorganization of our entire political and economic systems - debate would be welcomed. One would think those who are calling for debate and discussion would be heralded as voices of moderation and reason, instead of branded as ideological fanatics and corporate shills. The fact that debate is supposedly “over” regarding something for which the remedy is so fundamentally and abruptly transformative should concern anyone who claims to care about human rights, individual freedoms, free enterprise, and an open society. The idea that anyone who questions global warming alarmism is freely demonized should concern any student of history. The solution - government control over virtually anything that emits a gas - including CO2, which plants and trees require to for their very survival - and huge new taxes (perhaps disguised in the form of Wall Street friendly “cap and trade” mechanisms, but the consumer still pays the freight), should concern anyone who cares about representative government and values the concept of private property.

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