Not by Fire but by Ice


Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs . . . and Why it Could Soon Kill Us


The Cooling of Global Warming

By Philip Brennan


10 Jun 09 (Excerpts) - In the face of the simple reality that any warming of the planet that may have been occurring stopped dead a decade ago, to be replaced by a pronounced cooling, these naifs continue to shout from the rooftops that unless we allow them to take drastic action, our godlike planet is about to be barbecued.

Panic is abroad among the global warming fanatics who see their decades-long campaign to convince the world that the planet is warming and only draconian government action can prevent a looming catastrophe from destroying fading away.

Every horrendous occurrence is deplored as somehow the result of AGW (anthroprogenic [human caused] global warming) even the downing of the Air France jetliner for which a Russian scientist found it to be possibly responsible.

Despite the increasingly inflamed rhetoric, the fact remains that the planet has entered a cooling phase that to scientists say could last at least 30 years or even usher in a new little, or even big, ice age.

Across the pond, reality has set in. According to Benny Peyser 'All over Europe, the centre-left has been haemorrhaging core voters. The fact that UKIP, an openly climate skeptical party, has beaten Labour to second place is a clear signal. It suggests that any party promoting unpopular climate policies and green taxes that will further increase the cost of energy, transport and travel for ordinary families risks being punished in future elections. As far as Britain is concerned, the Labour government and its green agenda is finished.

Let that be a warning to President Obama and other would-be salvationists."

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