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The Commissars in Copenhagen


It's not about the climate ... it's about world governance


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12 Dec 09 - Listen to this incredible one-hour interview
with Lord Monckton in Copenhagen
on "It's Rainmaking Time! with Kim Greenhouse."

Listen free:
(When you get there, click on the words "Click here to stream")

A few excerpts of what you will hear
about our descent into slavery:

"The governing class worldwide is conspiring against the governed," says Lord Monckton in this incredible interview by Kim Greenhouse. The Copenhagen conference is "purely designed to extend the powers of taxation, and the wealth, and the reach of government." It's not about the climate ... it's about world governance. World governance by civil service bureaucrats.

"That's what they're trying to do here in Copenhagen ... to set up a world government, effectively a communistic world government."

"It's a scientific fraud," says Monckton, "and they're gaining a financial advantage from that fraud. They're pretending that there's a problem ... and they're all getting richer."

"They're giving themselves the right to impose taxes on the west the equivalent to half of the entire US defense budget - per year."

"They're giving themselves the right to impose taxes on all cross-border financial transactions of two percent of the value of that transaction ... the ability to levy unlimited taxes and fines on airlines."

"The Climategate emails reveal a vast conspiracy. These are very nasty people."

"The civil service bureaucrats want to run this without interference from the politicians ... creating 700 new interlocking bureaucracies, each of which will be funded by taxpayers only in the west."

"It's going to be a dictatorship - an avowed dictatorship - right from the start."

"In the more than 200 pages (of the treaty), the words election, democracy, ballot and vote do not occur even once."

"The principle of no taxation without representation is going to be breached on the most monstrous scale. People will have money taken from them at a rate that they had never believed possible before, and they will have nothing to show for it by unemployment, misery, and the collapse of the west."

"This treaty is a dagger aimed at the heart of western democracy, freedom and prosperity. ...the selective hammering of the west by this new entity so that all the jobs will stream overseas to places like China and India - who will not be bound by this treaty, and have said they won't be bound by it."

"We'll be giving out power to unelected commissars that we can't remove, can't even question.

"These commissars have proposed that there be a microchip in every garbage bin to insure that the citizens throw the right garbage into the right bin. And if they don't then the thought police descend and take them away."

"Everyone will be issued a carbon credit card, and you'll be allowed to emit so much carbon per year, and once you're up to your allocation, you've got to buy more allocation from someone else ... or starve."

"Snooping everywhere, cameras, inspectors with clipboards walking around, filtering through your garbage. No end of bureaucrats making a fortune at your expense ... making your life miserable."

"We'd have to shut down all industry for 23 years - not even light one fire in our wretched cave - in order to forestall even a one-degree Fahrenheit rise. Oh, the number of lives! That would wipe out 5 billion to 7 billion on the planet."

"They're trying to shove this through now, because they know that every opinion poll shows that this (climate-change stuff) is nonsense. It is collapsing. The people are fed up."

"Joe Public is very good at spotting when he's being lied to systematically. In the end, the sheer shrillness of the propaganda begins to irritate the ordinary guy. He says to himself, "They are becoming hysterical in trying to make me believe, and I'm not prepared to be bullied. We're not going to be told by the bureaucrats how to think. We're going to start thinking for ourselves."

"They're even going after our kids, says Monckton. "Kids have been relentlessly propagandized by their wretched teachers ... I mean, it's just like the Hitler youth."

"The last time Copenhagen had this much propaganda was when the Nazis occupied this country."

          Please, if you possibly can, listen this hour-long interview about the
          gangsters in Copenhagen. Your freedom is at stake.


About the participants

Lord Christopher Monckton was science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from 1982 to 1986. He is probably the single most controversial figure in the Climate Change arena – one who is well-grounded in the evolution of the IPCC and the science itself, who understands and has read the new legal framework which is about to be signed.

Kim Greenhouse is host and creator of Kim is a communications steward, pioneer, and rainmaker for a better world who loves to bring new knowledge and unique opportunities to those who are ready, willing, and receptive.







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