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Ten trillion dollars down the rat hole - and a step
toward global governance


3 Sep 09 - “The global-warming bill moving through Congress would cost the nation nearly $10 trillion – while doing virtually nothing to stop warming,” warns this article in the New York Post.

“Its biggest problem (among many) is that it relies on the myth that we understand exactly what causes warming and what to do about it,” writes author Michael Fumento.

“Yet a major new study published in the American Geophysical Union's official publication, the Journal of Geophysical Research, indicates that most warming isn't man-made.”

Data from the Hadley Centre of the U.K. Meteorological Service
shows that temperatures are now lower than in 1997.

"Internal global-climate-system variability accounts for at least 80 percent of the observed global-climate variation over the past half-century," says study co-author Christopher de Freitas, a climatologist at New Zealand's Auckland University and former editor of the prestigious international journal Climate Research.

El Niņos and La Niņas are the major cause of increased warming since 1950, says de Frietas (along with study colleagues Robert Carter, an environmental scientist at two Australian universities, and John McLean, a climate consultant in Victoria, Australia).

The remaining 20 percent of observed warming, the researchers say, quite possibly came from an increase in solar radiation.

It "is just one of several papers over the past six years that have shown that observed [increased] temperatures can be accounted for by natural phenomena" notes MIT meteorologist Richard Lindzen. “There has been no warming since 1997 and no statistically significant warming since 1995.”

Temperatures now lower than 800 years ago.
Charts as presented by global warming activists look only at the last 150 years or so.
But the bigger picture sends a different message.

          Of course, all these facts aren't important if you’re power hungry.

          At a British forum on July 7, Al Gore crowed that Waxman-Markey
          is a step toward "global governance."

          Too bad if you don't like the thought of getting your marching
          orders from a foreign dictator.

               (Watch the video, where Gore speaks of "global governance."

See entire article, originally entitled “Wrong Warming Rx”
Thanks to Clay Olson for this link

Michael Fumento is a director of the Independent Journalism Project, where he specializes in health and science issues. He may be reached at:






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