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emps dropping into the 30's -
and it isn't even September
Email from reader in New Mexico


Dear Robert,
I read this article just a moment ago and it has really aggravated me how the democratic liberals are pushing the 'climate change' (AGW).  Once you read the article, you will understand.
I'm currently staying on my 20 acres of land in the Zuni Mountains in northwest New Mexico.  I have been here living in an large outfitter tent set in a fenced compound that includes a kitchen tent, shower tent and an enclosed utility trailer that houses my refrigerator and other goods.  I was supposed to be here until mid-November but my husband has to decided it is time for me to go back home to Texas early because of the weather here the last 2 and a half weeks.  It has been rainy off/on and the temperature has been dropping down into the mid to high 30's at nights...and it isn't even September yet! 

All the area neighbors have said that it has been a much cooler and unusual summer (I used my wood burning stove at nights until the last week of June and have already started using it again in August).  We are afraid that it is only going to get worse in September and October.  My husband fears that there will be snow if I try to wait until November and he doesn't want to take the compound down in the snow.
I love your website and have been sharing many of your articles with my new neighbors that I met this summer.  Several of them don't have TV or even internet access so they had no idea of what has been happening with AGW nationwide or how our government has been covering up the cooling trend since 1998.  Although, with how it has been such a cool summer and, apparently, an early beginning for fall here, they have come to agree with your predictions.  I've promised to keep them updated via cell phone.  You have a new following of people here in this area of NW New Mexico.
Keep up the great work!
Cathy Burke





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