Temperatures declining in a zig zag fashion

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Temperatures have been declining in a zig zag fashion for 3,000 years

18 Feb 08 - Excerpts from a great interview of Dr. Arthur Robinson by William F. Jasper for The New American:

Temperatures have been declining in a zig zag fashion for 8,000 years

The New American:
"Al Gore also says that the UN’s IPCC has spoken, and the debate is over, because there is a consensus. What do you say to that?"

Dr. Robinson: "Right now the UN claims that they have about 2,500 people involved in this and about 600 scientists seriously involved. This is what Al Gore would point to today.

"We have more than 22,000 scientist signers of our global-warming petition who’ve looked at the issue and concluded essentially the opposite of these United Nations people."

TNA: "Allowing the UN to take over the world’s energy would have a big effect on our higher standard of living, would it not?"

Dr. Robinson: "The power to tax and ration energy is the power to control the world — to have life and death control over every human being on the planet. No government should ever have this power. The United Nations-IPCC process is not about the climate or saving the environment. It is about power and money — lots of it.

"If the misuse and falsification of the scientific method that drives the human-caused global-warming mania succeeds, it will cause the greatest acts of human genocide the world has ever known. It must be stopped."

          Dr. Arthur Robinson is a professor of chemistry and is
          cofounder of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine,
          which was created in 1980 to conduct basic and applied
          research in subjects applicable to increasing the quality,
          quantity, and length of human life. As part of his work, 
          he edits the newsletter Access to Energy.

See entire interview of Dr. Arthur Robinson by William F. Jasper

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