Can’t somebody talk some sense into John McCain? 

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Can’t somebody talk some sense
into John McCain?


13 May 08 - In his commentary yesterday on Newsmax, Philip Brennan tells how “McCain Embraces Global Warming.”

               What a disaster this could be.

“Sen. John McCain has confirmed his dedication to the holy crusade against global warming, now known to the initiates as climate change. He's told the world that nobody is more determined than he to take steps to stop Mother Nature's alleged plan to deep fry the planet.

His views on global — oops, climate change — have been no secret, but his latest pledge to take strong action to stop the planet from heating up dangerously puts him squarely in the ranks of Al Gore's cohort of climate change alarmists, a group known for their fanaticism.

McCain the skeptic and maverick a fanatic? Well if you listen to his daughter Meghan he's gone bonkers on climate change.

As reported by John Carney writing in DealBreaker, Meghan McCain says her dad's totally freaking out over global warming.

“My dad was tortured in prison; he doesn’t overreact to things. So if he starts freaking out, you know it’s time to freak out,” Meghan told the editors of GQ last month. “And I think he’s freaking out about the environment. He’s like, ‘I’m genuinely worried about climate change; it’s happening right now.’”

“You might think that McCain would be hesitant to endorse a European Union-style carbon emission trading scheme that seems likely to result in less economic growth, higher energy prices and higher food prices from increased biofuel demand.   

"These higher energy costs will spread through the economy and inject unnecessary inefficiencies at virtually every stage of production and consumption — all of which will add yet more financial burdens that must be borne by American taxpayers."  

“All of this to stop global warming? What global warming? The planet stopped warming back in 1998. Since then, Mother Earth has been cooling and new studies say it will keep getting colder for the next 30 years or so.  

“Isn't it odd that none of those computer models predicted the current cooling trend which is now embarrassing the warming fanatics?

               Can’t somebody talk some sense into John McCain?

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