Will sunspot minima lead to the next Little Ice Age? 

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30 October 07


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Will sunspot minima lead to the 
next Little Ice Age?
30 Oct 07 - Here’s a great email that I received from a reader:

"We are in a sunspot minima, and forecasters seem to be unable to get the sun to cooperate with their predictions for an increasing number of sunspots. Sunspot Cycle 24 was expected to begin last year; then the predictions said that it would ramp up in 2007. Calendar year 2007 is nearly over, and the sunspots are still not cooperating.

"Here's a link to a Solar Terrestrial Activity Report: http://www.dxlc.com/solar/

"At the bottom of the page is a chart showing the last 14 months sunspot numbers, and for comparison selected months from 2000 and 2001 are listed.

"Here's a chart showing sunspot numbers since 1994, together with predictions for 12 months ahead:


"In my opinion, the effect of sunspots on our weather is not well understood. It may be that this period of low sunspot activity will last for some time. The last time we had an extended period of low sunspot activity was from around 1800 to around 1850, near the end of the "Little Ice Age". (Editor's note: An earlier time of no sunspot activity -  the Maunder Minimum - apparently triggered the Little Ice Age that the reader mentions.)

"Here's a chart showing global temperature variations over the last 2500 years, and referencing the effect of sunspots and volcanic activity on the climate of the earth. Sorry, but I don’t have the citation. (I do, because I recently spoke at a seminar given by the creators of this chart - climatologist Cliff Harris and meteorologist Randy Mann. You can see the rest of their website at http://www.extremeweatherrecords.com/)

Just tossing this information out for what it's worth.
Joe Burnett 

            Thanks for some great info, Joe.



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