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Sun's Influence Overestimated?

Decline in Sun activity (supposedly) does not always mean

that Earth becomes cooler



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6 Oct 10 - A new study by researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Colorado, shows that a decline in the Sun's activity does not always mean that Earth becomes cooler. The Sun's influence on modern-day global warming may have been overestimated, the study suggests.
  Courtesy NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

Although lead author Joanna Haigh cautions that "We cannot jump to any conclusions based on what we have found during this comparatively short period (three years)," the study is already being used to hammer AGW skeptics.

  • "Greenhouse gases would be more to blame than thought for the perceptible rise in global temperatures over the past century," says one article.

  • The IPCC concluded that "humanity's emissions over the 20th Century were about 10 times more important as a driver of temperature rise than the slow upward trend in average solar output," says a second.

  • "The Sun's influence on current climate change is at best a small natural add-on to man-made greenhouse warming," crows a third.


What sort of twisted logic are these people using? Have they not noticed that it gets warmer on Earth during daylight hours, and cooler at night?

The following comments from readers pretty much sum up my thoughts on the subject:

"My head is about to explode," says reader Bill Pojedinec. "Now the global warming crowd/media is now trying to tell us that when  you have a quiet sun it will lead to GLOBAL WARMING not GLOBAL COOLING!!!!  Do they think we are that dumb?"

                                             * * *

"Are the people at NASA on drugs?" asks reader Arnold Roquerre. "Now, NASA tells us the sun does not drive cooling.  How do they know this?

"Don’t tell me, they used the same rigged data that proved the earth was on fire that has been thoroughly debunked. And, if not that data, then who made the data up this time?  Or did they still rely on the data left after they dropped so many stations to bias the results?

"Maybe, the GREAT minds at NASA still like the data spewing from their faulty satellite. You know, the one they have been using to prove GW.

"Are these people MAD or just incredibly BAD at science!? Will we now have to turn to Chinese scientists to get credible results?"      

                                            * * *                                 
"NASA probably thinks there is more light not less when one uses a dimmer switch to lessen the light's brightness<" says C. Peter Davis in Winnipeg. "Does the light bulb get hotter or cooler when a dimmer switch is used?

"The obvious must be incomprehensible for these people."

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Thanks to Arnold Roquerre, Bill Pojedinec, George Fitzsimmons, Eunice Farmilant, Dave Johnson, Justin Davies, Brian Payne and Benjamin Napier for these links



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