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I received this info from Myron Ebell at the Freedom Action group today, and because I'm so firmly convinced that human-caused global warming is a total lie, I want to pass it on to you.

President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency has taken the first steps to control our entire economy in the name of saving the planet from global warming.  The EPA has declared  carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are pollutants that endanger public health and welfare and is rushing through Clean Air Act regulations to tell us how much and what kind of energy we can use.

The U.S. Senate votes on Thursday. Click here to
Take Action to Stop Obama's Power Grab

E-mail your Senators today and tell them to vote Yes on the Murkowski Resolution of Disapproval.  It's the most important action you can take right now to stop Obama's big government takeover.   

The EPA has already decided that the American people are going to have to use a lot less energy in the near future.  How much will we have to pay for that energy?  A lot more.  Higher electric rates, higher gasoline prices, higher heating bills, higher airline fares, higher food prices, and higher prices for nearly every product we buy.

President Obama himself said that under his plan, electricity prices will "necessarily skyrocket." A recent study by Harvard University's Belfer Center predicts that to achieve Obama's goals will require gasoline prices of $7 to $9 a gallon.

Yet, there is hope from an unlikely source that Obama can be stopped—the U. S. Senate.  On June 10, the Senate will vote on a Resolution offered by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) to deny the EPA the authority to regulate our energy use.  The vote looks like it will be very close.  You can make the difference by e-mailing both your Senators today to tell them to vote Yes on the Murkowski Resolution of Disapproval of the EPA's Endangerment Finding.  You can do this by using Freedom Action's automated form.  

Click Here to Stop Obama's Power Grab

Forty-one Senators, including three Democrats, are sponsoring the Murkowski Resolution, which is officially titled Senate Joint Resolution 26 (or S. J. Res. 26).  We must put pressure on the Senate to reach the 51 votes needed to pass the resolution on June 10.  It's critical that Senators hear from their constituents immediately.

Make your voice heard in Washington.  Please take two minutes to fill in your name and address and click Send on Freedom Action's web site.  Your e-mail will be sent to the offices of both your U. S. Senators.

Stop $7 a Gallon Gas—Click Here

Why is President Obama and the EPA doing this?  They say: It's to stop global warming.  What global warming!?  The scientist at the center of the ClimateGate scandal admitted recently there has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995.  In fact, since 2002, global temperatures have gone down slightly.

Do you see a pattern here?  Make wild claims about global warming and looming catastrophes.  Manipulate the data, ignore the facts, and shut up anyone who tries to speak the truth. Then regulate the economy on the basis of phony science and scare stories.  It's all straight out of Al Gore's playbook.  

The fact is that America and the world get over 80% of the energy we use from the three fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas.  Coal provides 50% of our electricity.  Oil provides over 90% of our vehicle fuels. 

Affordable energy is the basis of the American standard of living.  What will happen if Obama's EPA forces us to reduce drastically the use of fossil fuels?  First, a regulatory nightmare.  Followed by an economic train wreck. 

Here's what Mississippi's Republican Governor, Haley Barbour, said in support of the Murkowski Resolution: "Reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act will undoubtedly increase the cost of energy, increase the cost of doing business, increase the cost of consumer products, and jeopardize millions of jobs by putting U.S. manufacturers at a disadvantage against foreign competitors."

That's why the Senate vote on June 10 on S. J. Res. 26 is so critical to America's future. 

Tell Your Senators to Vote Yes on June 10

If the global warming scare is based on phony science, why is President Obama so determined to regulate greenhouse gas emissions?  It's all about big government control over our lives and the economy.   

Cap-and-trade (better known as cap-and-tax) legislation was the first attempt to put government in charge of how much energy we can use.  The House passed the Waxman-Markey cap-and-tax bill on June 26, 2009 by a 219-212 vote. 

Many big corporations, such as Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Duke Energy, General Motors, and Dow Chemical, support cap-and-tax because they would be rewarded with hundreds of billions of dollars of windfall profits from special deals in the legislation.

But the American people figured out that cap-and-tax meant much higher energy prices for them and said "No!"  That's why the Kerry-Lieberman cap-and-tax bill is dead in the Senate.  And that's why President Obama is resorting to backdoor EPA regulations to raise energy prices through the roof.

What is most outrageous is that they think they can mount this sneak attack on American consumers without Congressional approval.  Senate passage of the Murkowski Resolution to block the EPA regulations will send a strong message to the White House to back off and put immediate pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) to hold a vote on the Resolution in the House.  Already, 170 House Members have co-sponsored an identical House version of Senator Murkowski's Resolution.  This list includes two Democratic committee chairman and a number of other senior Democrats.

It looks to be a very close vote on June 10.  That's why I urge you to e-mail your Senators today and tell them to vote Yes on the Murkowski Resolution of Disapproval.  It's the most important action you can take right now to stop Obama's big government takeover.   

Click Here to Take Action Now!

These links will take you to Freedom Action, a web-based grassroots activist group dedicated to more freedom and less government. 

Senator James M. Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) is the Ranking Member and former Chairman of the Environment and Public Works and was named the most conservative Senator by National Journal.  This is what Senator Inhofe said about Freedom Action:  

     “I have been leading the fight against the global warming hoax
       in the Senate for a decade.  Myron Ebell and his team have always
       been there fighting beside me. 

      Freedom Action is an invaluable ally.”

America did not become great because big government told us what to do and will not remain great if we continue down the path laid out by President Obama.  We have a difficult struggle to block President Obama on this and on many other issues to come.

But a clear sign that the tide has turned in our direction is the fact that the most important global warming vote in the Senate this year is not on whether to pass the Kerry-Lieberman cap-and-tax bill, but on whether to stop EPA from regulating America into energy poverty.

We can stop Obama's EPA power grab by working together to make Congress feel the heat.   I invite you to join us at Freedom Action in going on the offense for freedom. 

Click here
to send a message to your Senators now. Remember, the vote is on Thursday, June 10th.

Thanks for all you do to keep America strong!

Yours for freedom,
Myron Ebell




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