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Clever Confusion
"Statistically Meaningless Numbers"  
26 Aug 07 –– In a clever bit of rhetoric entitled "Hot rhetoric in climate fight over a quarter-degree fix," Andrew C. Revkin of the The New York Times tries to cloud the NASA cover up.

After a bunch of confusing drivel, Revkin finally got the point: "A quarter-degree Fahrenheit is roughly the downward adjustment NASA scientists made this month in their annual estimates of the average temperature in the contiguous 48 states since 2000," said Revkin.

"Suddenly, 1934 appeared to vault ahead of 1998 as the warmest year on record (by a statistically meaningless 0.036 degrees Fahrenheit). In NASA's most recent data set, 1934 had followed 1998 by a statistically meaningless 0.018 degrees.

"The NASA data glitch had no effect on the global temperature trend, nudging it by an insignificant thousandth of a degree," Revkin continued. "Everyone appears also to agree that too much attention is paid to records, particularly given that the difference between 1934, 1998 and several other sets of years in the top-10-warmest list for the United States are so small as to be statistically meaningless."

Uh huh. Statistically meaningless. But weren’t those the same "statistically meaningless numbers" that Al Gore was using to prove global warming?

Do I detect a slight double standard here?

I like Rush Limbaugh’s assessment of the situation: "We have proof of man-made global warming," Limbaugh told his radio audience. "The man-made global warming is inside NASA."

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