South Sister

Not by Fire but by Ice


 Updated 9 September 2005      


Oregon magma lake rising 10 feet per year 5 September 05 - 
"A recent survey of a bulge that covers about 100 square miles near the 
South Sister indicates the area is still growing, suggesting it could be another
volcano in the making or a major shift of molten rock under the center of 
the Cascade Range .

Oregon has four of the 18 most active volcanoes in the nation - Mount 
Hood, Crater Lake, Newberry and South Sister.  

The likely cause of the bulge is a pool of magma that, according to Deschutes
National Forest geologist Larry Chitwood, is equal in size to a lake one mile
across and 65 feet deep.

The magma lake is rising 10 feet each year, under tremendous pressure, and 
it deforms the Earth's surface as it expands, causing the bulge.

Basalt flows have occurred in the area of the bulge every 1,000 to 1,500 years
for the past 4,000 years, he said. And the area is due for another.

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