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South America -

Longest Cold Streak in 17 years

 More than 200 deaths
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21 Jul 10 - During the month of July there have been seven days with temperatures below zero, which has not occurred since 1993, while yesterday brought a snowstorm in the heart of the city of Temuco, a phenomenon not seen since 1994. In Lonquimay, the weight of the snow cut transmission lines, so that 70% of the rural areas lost power.

Balmaceda airport was closed during the morning, but in the afternoon resumed its operations. Meanwhile, the Libertadores was closed to all types of vehicle due to heavy snowfall.

                         Record low temperatures in Southern Cone

The intense cold in Chile and Argentina has also affected other countries of South America, where several regions, set new records for low temperatures.

In Bolivia, temperatures plunged to a record -9C in the city of Tarija, south of the country. There was also a big snowfall in the southeast of La Paz. Local media speak of up to 24 killed by low temperatures.

In Brazil, thermometers fell to -7.8C in Urupema, in the southern state of Santa Catarina. While in Vilhena, in the Amazon state of Para, the mercury dropped to 7.6 C, the lowest since 1994.

At least nine people have died in Brazil due to the intense cold that has beaten the South during the last week.

Paraguayan police, meanwhile, said at least 12 people were victims of the polar wave, which has had temperatures of 3C.

In Peru, an interior province of Tacna department was declared an emergency zone after it was scored -20C.

Also, in the Peruvian jungle where temperatures normally register up to 35C, the thermometer dropped to 9C in Puerto Maldonado.

        Muertos (Deaths):
        Peru          127
        Bolivia         24
Chile             2
        Brazil            9
        Paragua      12
        Uruguay        2
Thanks to Sebastian Parker for this info




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