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Snowstorm Shatters NYC and Philly Records   

More snow on the way


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27 Jan 11 - New York City and Philadelphia are just two cities across the mid-Atlantic that broke daily snowfall records on Wednesday, says this article on Though total snowfall reached 19 inches, Wednesday's 12.3 inches broke the day's long-standing snowfall record of 9 inches set in 1871.

Not only daily records, for some cities this has been the snowiest January in history. The storm pushed New York City's total for the month to 36.0 inches, far surpassing January 1925 and its 27.4 inches and making this the snowiest January on record.

This January is also New York City's second all-time snowiest month, falling short of February 2010 and its 36.9 inches. "There is more snow coming this month, says accuweather, "and in the not too distant future."

Interesting that the two all-time snowiest months came within the past year.

"In addition, this is the first time in recorded history that New York City has had two snowstorms drop 18.0 inches or more of snow in the same winter.

"A similar feat, setting a daily snow record and this month becoming the snowiest January, was achieved in Newark, N.J., and Bridgeport, Conn.

The storm's 18.9 inches of snow (11.0 inches of which set Wednesday's snow record) increased this month's snow total to 37.3 inches in Newark.

January's snow total in Bridgeport stands at 34.2 inches after a record-breaking 6.0 inches fell on Wednesday with an additional 7.0 inches thereafter.

In Philadelphia, Wednesday's 14.2 inches shattered the day's previous record of 4.4 inches set in 1963.

Storm snowfall totals across the Northeast as of 9 a.m. EST:

--South Windsor, Conn.: 19.0 inches

--Frenchtown, N.J.: 17.9 inches

--West Norwalk, Conn.: 17.0 inches

--Philadelphia's Northeast Airport: 16.5 inches

--East Rutherford, N.J.: 15.5 inches

--Milford, Mass.: 13.9 inches

--Islip, N.Y.: 13.7 inches

--West Warwick, R.I.: 12.5 inches

--Windsor Locks, Conn.: 12.0 inches

--Allentown, Pa.: 11.6 inches

--South Boston, Mass.: 11.5 inches

--Pottstown, Pa.: 11.0 inches

--Wilmington, Del.: 10.4 inches

--Hampton, N.H.: 8.5 inches

--Washington Dulles, Va.: 8.0 inches

--Baltimore (Inner Harbor), Md.: 7.0 inches

--Washington, D.C. (National Arboretum): 3.4 inches

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