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Snowiest February on record in Burlington, VT

Breaks old record set in 2008

Now March has come in like a lion (see below)


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South Burlington resident George Mona cranks up his snowblower 

"To qualify for Home Care you must not be able to perform the
5 Activities of Daily Living," says Mona, in his early eighties.
"Well they forgot the 6th ADL--snowblowing! This is after 10"
of snow yesterday. Snowblower looks smaller than actual size."

1 Mar 11 - According to the National Weather Service, the 43 inches of snow that fell in South Burlington during February broke the old record of 42.8 inches set in 2008.

"Although February had no blockbuster snowfalls," says an article in the Burlington Free Press, "frequent medium-sized storms kept adding to the total. Measurable snow fell on 15 of the month’s 28 days in Burlington."

This season, Burlington has received 98.2 inches of snow, 3 feet more than normal for the date. The snowiest winter was in 1970-71, with 145.4 inches.

Interesting that Burlington's two snowiest Februarys on record both occurred during the last three years.

Snowier and snowier winters - that's how ice ages begin.

See entire article:



Now March has come in like a lion
7 Mar 11 - See Biggest snowstorm of the year in Burlington, VT

Right about now I'm guessing that that snowblower looks a lot BIGGER than actual size.




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